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Langley’s Aeronautics Research Directorate is directly linked with the NASA Headquarters Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.


Jay Dryer

Ron Colantonio

Ruben DelRosario

Susan Gorton

Peter Coen

Rick Young

Airspace Operations & Safety Program   (AOSP)

        Airspace Technology Demonstration (ATD)


        Safe Autonomous Sys Ops (SASO)

John Cavolowsky

Leighton Quon

Shon Grabbe

Parimal Kopardekar

Integrated Aviation Systems Program    (IASP)

        UAS in the NAS

        Flight Demonstrations & Capabilities (FD&C )

Ed Waggoner

Laurie Grindle

Brent Cobliegh

Transformative Aeronautics Concepts      (TAC)

      Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS)

      Transformational Tools & Technologies (TTT)

      Leading Edge Aero Research for non-NASA (LEARN)


Doug Rohn

Isaac Lopez

Jim Heidmann