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NEWS:  STOL Vehicle Challenge for 2018-2019 Academic Year.  Letters of intent are requested by  Feb 15, 2019 and papers are  due no later than June 15, 2019

The full announcement is available here:
Senior level undergraduates and graduate students from accredited US universities may compete in either area.

Undergraduates who have not yet had three full years of their engineering curriculum may be at a disadvantage, but they can compete if they wish.

Papers are due no later than June 15, 2019.  Note:  These university design challenges are only for US colleges and universities, we cannot accept entries from other nations.

NEW: Winners from the 2017-2018 Ultra Efficient Subsonic Commercial Transport Challenge have been announced:

A symposium for the winners is planned for Sept 20 at NASA HQ in Washington, DC.  Photos from the event will be posted the week after and social media @NASA Aero will be posting highlights during the event.



Aeronautics Design Challenge for 2016-2017.  Out of 22 total final entries:  There were five teams selected for awards and four selected for Honorable Mention.


2015 MARTI Team at Langley:

NASA Headquarters Web feature about the 2015 MARTI team:

2015 MARTI team at Langley

2015 College & University Design ContestResults are available, winners have been notified and invited to visit NASA Langley in October/November.

Winners have been posted to the pages:

Gizmag has also run an article about the winners: